Dear Jenny,

Thank you for not making me feel like a stalker yesterday.  I mean, I’m sure LOTS of bloggers dream about their blogging friends’ toilets and all.  It was probably precipitated by your fellow Mama, Min, anyway–she’s the one who posted squillions of portapotties (who cares that I saw her post AFTER my dream, apparently I must have E.S.P.). 

Last night my husband and I had a date.  We had this for an appetizer:


My husband was a little concerned I felt the need to take a picture for you.  I explained it wasn’t for you exactly.  On the contrary, I took it to show you what I would NEVER order in your presence out of complete and utter respect for your squidiphobia (should we have opportunity for a girls’ night out).  Then again, would you really notice what I ate??  I’m just sayin’….

I did a little further research on id-Squas.  After seeing the piccha of those suckers drying on a beach in Japan, I might never eat ’em again anyway…those are some freaky muthas. 

Then again, if I ever consider what ANY meat looks like at the ol’ packing plant, well…it’s enough to send me to vegan-ville.Skull_crossbone_bookbag_2

And after reading your post yesterday, I went shopping with my kids and look at what I found!  I definitely would’ve gotten this for your birthday…IF I knew when it was AND if you were going back to school AND IF you would lift my current restraining order.  I’m sure the thought is more than enough to creep you out forEVAH sufficient.

Okay…I think I’ve worn out this little Jenny blogstalking series, it’s time for me to sign off and start dinner but thank you for giving me time to write some REAL posts!!.

I’m sure if we ever met IRL we’d be BFF,

~ Robin 


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