I guess with all the home improvements going on these days…first, our bathroom, then our kitchen (which is still somewhat in process), then another bathroom, it was only natural I’d get twitchy for a blog-novation.

Still tweaking, but ooooo, me likey so much more than THE PITIFULLY BORING TYPEPAD TEMPLATE I HAD FIVE MINUTES AGO!

(see?  twitchy.  And, it didn’t help that I was well into Trifecta- Part Three…clicked to save it to draft, AND DIDN’T STINKIN’ KNOW MY WIRELESS HAD DISCONNECTED SO I LOST IT!!!  Gggggggrrrrrrr!)

Stay tuned for the finished product…Jules , creator of my PENSIEVE art, is workin’ her little fingers off to extract from MY pensieve exactly what I’m lookin’ for :).

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