While it doesn’t compare to this (could you believe the record number of guesses??), the record has definitely been set for most comments EVAH in a Pensieve post.  Thing is, it’s not by a record number of blog visitors, lol, it’s a party between two of the nuttiest professors I’ve ever had the pleasure of not meeting.

I felt a bit selfish keeping it all to myself (my blog email has never giggled more while totally NOT having any idea what they’re talking about!), so I thought I’d give you opportunity to join in the conversation.  Speak…Min and Steve will welcome you with open arms (then run and get the heck outta there!).  I’m not linkin’ to them here, you can find them by following their comments.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what they’re talking about, I haven’t since comment 38. 

Go ahead, jump in, head first, feet first, it really doesn’t matter.

But no lifeguard is on duty…enter at your own risk ;).

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