There are blog-contest-winning dreams:

Exhibit #1:

Interested in $2,500?  Is it legit?  I don’t know, but it seems possible.  I keep seeing it places, so I figure what’s the harm in posting this:

Over at Ashwin’s blog,
you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just
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Exibit #2:

Janice and Susan, those party-throwing, contest-hosting 5 Minutes for Mom twins, are giving away an Insignia® 37? Flat-Panel LCD HDTV!!! (This incredible prize is valued at $799.99 and is courtesy of Best Buy.)

Both contests end soon, so check them out quickly if you want to qualify.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Then there are those other kinds of dreams, the ones that happen when you’re supposed to be resting peacefully to the visions of REM.

Have you ever dreamed about another blogger?  I know I have before but right now I can’t remember who it was. 

And then there was last night….I remember (ahem) quite a lot.

I dreamed about Jenny, 1/5 of the Houston Drama Mamas, and aka The Bloggess**.  Funny thing is, it’s not like I was up-to-date in reading…just today I blog-hopped the Fun Monday peeps. 

So, what’s in a dream featuring Jenny, the apparently "hot and bothered" Mama? 

I was at her house.  I had "to go"…yeah, t h a t.  She graciously offered for me to use her master bathroom.  And get this:  she had a computer IN HER BATHROOM…and there was a "Bloggess" page up with a bunch of comments and I accidentally deleted all of them by just TOUCHING the screen!  AND, she had a book on her king-sized psychedelic bed appropriately titled "The Bloggess" and it looked old and ragged, kind of like a Reader’s Digest condensed book; the front 2/3 were an autobiography, the last 1/3 just posts of hers (I had to thumb through it, I was most impressed).  And no, I didn’t see any of her 1,400 glass animals.  Not one (I was cheated).

And then she walked in the room, and I couldn’t "go" at that point, and that’s all I remember.  And that’s enough.  And even if I did remember anything "hot and bothered" else, I wouldn’t tell you because I fully understand that listening to other people’s dreams is about as exciting as watching an ice cube melt.

But does this make me a blog stalker?

p.s.  The kids and I went back-to-school shopping today…and this is a present I would’ve gotten Jenny if SHE was going back to school.  Maybe she could use it to carry her laptop in…hmmmm….

** Parental Advisory

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