The other night as my heart bled out loud to God and a few bloggers everybody, I was interrupted three times:  once, because my laptop battery was dying; again, when Aussie barked like a banshee to possibly alert me to the axe murderer casing our house; then a third time, when I heard the afore-mentioned axe murderer bumping around just below me in our garage.

I went downstairs fisted a butcher knife and like any blogger would have done at two in the morning, grabbed my camera, then ever-so-cautiously crept to look out the back door to see what all the racket was about.

Caught in the act was a beady-eyed, super-sized masked rat, wreaking havoc in the trashcan where out petfood is stored, the lid pried off and discarded beside the can.  We sized each other up through glass, and I suppose since I was bigger than him, he yelled "Chicken!", slid down the side of the can, and ambled off the same way he came in (NOT through the window, through an open door :/. 

I guess the camera was about as awake as I was, so these photographs are the best evidence I have to offer the police (besides my astute powers of observation). 

Caught_in_the_act I_see_you_you_stinkin_varmit


I’ve got news for this little fella…his little mask disguise ain’t foolin’ anybody…I’d recognize him in a line-up any day of the week!

p.s.  I think this was the axe murderer Aussie was barking at earlier…death by rabies is still pre-meditated if you ask me!

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