Have you ever had difficulty writing a post while you’re hacking up a lung and your head feels like it’s wedged in a vice with Tony Soprano doing the honors himself?  I’ve been writing something today, and it’s so all over the place, there’s not a chance I’m clicking "publish" instead of "draft" (you’re welcome).  It’s one of those things I want to write well, and right now?  Well…all I can think is "Ishtar" which is totally Min’s fault.  She knows why and I know why, and sometimes it’s just best to be on the outside of an inside joke, ya know (especially when it’s not even funny to the insiders!  or was it Steve?  See?  My head is so jumbled it can’t even remember who to hattip, and this is one where both of them would probably rather I didn’t in the first place, anyway)?


(That is SO a viable sentence and the parenthesis contain necessary explanation without interrupting the flow of thought…right?  RIGHT??)

Without further stream-of-consciousness thinking from me, here, my little kittens, is your ball of twine for the day.  Enjoy playing with it–let me know if you do! 🙂

R    O    B    I    N

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HT:  Shannon   

p.s.  …and I can’t talk like a pirate, no matter how hard I try :/ (ummm, not that I’ve actually tried…)   

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