(buckle your seat belt, this is an actual conversation we had this morning…)

Me (knowing fully well I will regret asking):  "What, honey?"

S:  "You know the Coke machines in the lunchroom?  You gotta pass by them everyday to turn in your lunch tickets…"

Me:  "Yeah."  (Did someone say "Coke"???? 🙂 )

S:  "It’s really gross!  Gannon wiped a booger on the Dr. Pepper button and it’s still there!"

Me (turning green):  "WHAT?!?!"

S:  "Yeah, he’s not even at our school anymore, and it’s STILL THERE!"

Me (incredulous it’s still there):  "Well, a truly servant thing to do would be to get a rag and clean it…"

T, chiming in:  "Mom, it’s not coming off, it’s been there like THREE YEARS!"

Me (wondering if any ADULT knows about this, or instead–and surely more likely–has been blindly pressing a crusty-mucus- ickified Dr. Pepper button for years now):  "…a very WET rag…!"

T (with a classic conversation ender and why I HAD to blog this):  "But, Mom…it’s a signature booger."

p.s.  And for anyone who read yesterday’s post, no, this is NOT what I was hoping to "write well"….

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