Since apparently my last post was rather weighty, I’m feelin’ a little psychedelic…

from my head wrist…


to my "An Affair in Red Square" toenails…


When I grow up, I really DO wanna be an OPI Color Namer…I wonder how one prepares for such a career.  Great names SELL $9 nail polish for goodness sakes!   I love how the sunlight reflecting off the water dazzled like a million stars shooting like fireworks out of the tips of my toes.  Or maybe fireworks WERE shooting out of my toe tips (I’ll never tell…what happens on the boat dock, stays on the boat dock 😉 )!

How ’bout a little contest? Can you guess what this is?  You’ve gotta be specific (and I give prizes points to people 1) with imaginative answers, and 2) who make me laugh…out loud will get you double points.


I’m feeling generous…how about another view?


Y’all blow peach pits!!  I cannot believe no one has mentioned my ROCKIN’ joo-ray OR my FANTABULOUS pedicure…it’s ALL about the flippin’ contest (except for Robinella, my new bbff) (btw, do you know what bbff means?  Let’s add that to the contest). 

The prizes could be reeeeal good, but you’ve gotta try way harder than this!


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