…oh, my, I love ’em both, but for two VERY DIFFERENT reasons…(and for the record, they’ve both generated considerable conversation and controversy.   Me?  I’m keeping it light.  I understand the deeper implications, but on the surface?  they’re simply delicious….).  If you aren’t at least somewhat familiar with the Emergent Church Conversation Village Movement Stream WHATEVER, you might wanna skip to something else.

First set (ht:  teampyro): 




Click the link above for the rest of them…they’re really having some fun with the Emergent "conversation"….

And, Grace’s version, I just adored…hers I take more seriously…they’re a kinder representation of what Christianity should look like (imho). 

Starting with my favorite, a quote most often attributed to St. Augustine, but possibly originating with John Wesley ("In all things unity…)–



Both links are worth some time camping out….

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