I just looked at Bloglines for the first time this week, and oh, my WORD people have been writing a whole lot of something!  I HAD to clear it–4,000+ blog posts I haven’t read???  Where the heck would you start?  Where the heck would someone begin who can’t choose among chocolate, strawberry and vanilla (metaphorically speaking, because OF COURSE I always choose chocolate 😉 )?!

I did notice one of my old blogging buds had resumed writing after a months’ long hiatus (figures), but other than that, even skimming was too confusing.

So….help me out here…

You know when you’ve written something you’re really quite fond of, and you wish it would be read by all your blogging buddies and even a few non-commenting readers, but the timing isn’t great (or for whatever other reason), so it doesn’t get read, and then you write some more, and that post falls into obscurity, but doggone it, it was GOOD, and you hate seeing it bumped further and further down your page until it’s no longer on your opening page?

Tell me what I’ve missed of yours :).  If you comment here (between now and the weekend), I’m ASKING you to link to your favorite post over the past week (or whenever…!) and it’ll be among the first things I read when I resume blog surfing.   Or, if you’re feeling generous, tell me the BEST post YOU’VE read of someone else’s and I’ll check that out, too.


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