Pensieve IS like a box of chocolates! 
I couldn’t help writing a second post today and, gracious, it could NOT be more different than the first!

Poetry’s on my brain, and when I was surfing Recipe Round-ups, "opportunities" kept smacking me in the face. 
Without further ado, I’m shifting from all things hair to waxing poetic.

The two opportunities are "15 Words or Less POEMS" and Poetry Friday (BIG thanks to Kim for explaining the two**). 

Laura (15 Words) posts a picture each Thursday and readers respond with a poem inspired by the photograph–IN 15 WORDS OR LESS!  (easy greasy, huh?).  Poetry Friday (much like Fun Monday) has a different host each week (I’ve linked to the current hosts).  Kim has combined the two, and intensifies simplifies the "challenge" by only allowing herself 15 minutes to write a poem so she doesn’t get bogged down.

I took a little big longer because I wanted to write a 15-word poem AND allow myself a little latitude to express a thought more completely in a second. 

Why don’t y’all join in NEXT week?


Thirsty soil
Unwelcome dearth.
Heaven’s rivulets
Quench the earth

(Can you tell the Tennessee Valley has been in a drought for months?)

Invited torrent
I need to feel
That you’re present, please be real
Invade my spirit
Cleanse my heart
Living Water, renewal start.



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