Outside of Fun Monday and a post here or there, I’ve been absent from the blogosphere…I haven’t even been able to respond to comments here at Pensieve, let alone comment elsewhere :/.  Y’all have your "stuff", wanna know mine?

If ya do…………

Reason #1 is our kitchen is in phase 312 of our renovation–this time, the kitchen cabinets are going from oak to black- destresseddistressed (I’m so shaken up I can’t even SPELL!) painting (meaning, I’m de one stressed).  I’m too discombobu- lated to post those pictures at the moment (they’re on my lappy, I’m on our PC), but last night while I was cleaning and peeling layer after layer of black paint dust off every surface in our kitchen, this mutha had the nerve to scare the ever-livin’ snot outta me.


I don’t know what his official name is, but I call him a "brown porcupine-butt mean mutha of a spider".  I’m pretty sure this picture was its actual size.

Anyhoo….more later…and thanks for all your advice and continued visits.   One day I’ll be back to "normal" :/.


WHAT THE HEEBIE-flippin-GEEBIES?!  Everyone who has commented so far tonight informed me that pine-cone behind on this monster arachnid is not a behind at all but TEN SQUILLION BABY SPIDERS!  S.K.I.N. C.R.A.W.L.I.N.G…!!!  My hand was three inches from him–wait…make that HER!!  And because I wanted my youngest to see it (I knew he’d appreciate it since he was in bed at midnight when I found him her), I put a jar over it, slid a sheet of paper under it and CAPTURED IT!  And if that wasn’t bad enough, I LET IT GO this morning.

I am so NOT gonna sleep tonight :/.


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