This week’s Fun Monday hostess is someone I have seen naked before…

ME!!! 🙂

Now that you have a smile on your face and it better NOT be because you’re laughing AT me!, let’s go to the other end of your body and talk FEET.  This week’s theme is spelled out for you HERE (as well as the list of all Fun Monday "shoe hoes" and "pedi-nistas"); after some INTENSE VOTING, and a nudge from a friend of mine when I had to break the tie, I chose "Shoes/Feet" because of THIS POST of hers. 

I meant to warn you not to use the phrase "f00t fet1sh" in your post; you will get some scaryfreak google searches if you do; I found this out the hard way and had to change the name of a post because of that (I googled that phrase myself and when I saw the first page of entries I bolted and RAN!).

After seeing Jenny’s post, I really did want to copy that for my FM post; it was stinkin’ adorable…didn’t work out and believe it or not, I shan’t bore you with the details :/.   Instead, here’s a repeat of our "foot family portrait" from the beach last year (I STILL love it, so maybe I should have it enlarged and framed).


A little story first.  On Mother’s Day this year, Tad cooked a delicious lunch for me after church; the children gave me their cards and a gift…  It was simply lovely, spending time with my sweet family.  H o w e v e r, my friend Stephanie and I had cooked up something at church–what we wanted to do AFTER our family lunches–and I popped the question to Tad:  "Do you mind if Steph and I go to a movie and then shopping?"  It was Mother’s Day, he would’ve given me whatever I wanted and didn’t seem the slightest bit offended I wanted a chick-filled afternoon.

Off we went to see "In the Land of Women", and after, we went shoe shopping.  I HATE TO SHOP FOR CLOTHES, AND SHOES ARE CLOTHES, so this was no different, EXCEPT…I needed some new shoes and I was with Stephanie, and she’s like a kid in a candy store when it comes to shopping for clothes or shoes or purses or jewelry…whatevah.  With every pair I tried on, I got her honest opinion, and the girl’s got style, so I trusted it.  I began piling the shoes in a cardboard box-filled mountain for the pairs she clapped and squealed over, and when the mountain was taller than me, I knew I was in trouble.

When I came home with five pairs (not expecting to keep them all), Tad didn’t mind a bit…he thanked Stephanie, and I figure I’m good for a few years.  It was a glorious shopping day in spite of my aversion, and we stayed until the mall closed :).

Here is a mixture of some of the new with my favorite oldies.

You know in the fall and spring when it’s cool but you’re still wearing capris?  I always wondered what shoes to wear.  These Privo_logo_2

are perfect!


Stephanie says a little toe cleavage is "H A W T!"  If you heard her say it, you’d believe her, too.  Here are some black and brown heels that offer a little peek:


And, remember my get-away with Tad a while back when he tried to MAKE me buy a pair of Cole Haan’s?  And I couldn’t pull the trigger because they were too pricey?  Apparently, Stephanie put the gun in my hand and pulled for me (yes, they are the single-most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought…yes, they are surprisingly comfortable for heels…and yes, I have happy tingles whenever anyone compliments them–that’s just shoe gravy (which is NOTHING like toe jam!).  Come here, sweet luvahs…!




Ahhh…comfort shoes…not always the purtiest of things, but they sure do make your feet smile.  In the past, I’ve written about my affections for obnoxious orange Crocs and orange Chacos (apparently my "Orange ShoePhase"), a year or two ago, I feel in love with a pair of Uggs…these make me crave cooler weather and thank goodness they are NOT orange! 

These look disease-riddled, but they’re my all-time favorite pair of shoes; there was a time in my life where I said I’d NEVER wear a pair….  They fit my feet like a glove and I just might have ’em bronzed when they wear out.  I am Birkenstock…and sometimes I eat granola.


Let’s end on Summer note….these are my only favorite pair of Teva flip flops…just looking at this picture makes me wistful for all things beach.

Okay kiddos…be sure to CLICK HERE (or scroll down) to get the list of everyone else who’s steppin’ up to the Fun Monday plate today!
Thanks to Pamela at The Dust Will Wait for hostessing next week…be sure to visit her to find out the theme she’s chosen for us :).

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