Willowtree is this week’s host for Fun Monday, and while that could leave you shivering in your shoes, he
came up with a delightfully novel idea.  Straight from the horse’s Aussie’s mouth blog:

This week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by WT, he wants to see
some clothing art. That’s tee shirts, baseball caps, hoodies, sports
uniforms or any bit of clothing that you or your kids own that has
interesting, funny or artistic graphics.

I sure was glad he suggested this because I already had several photos of my favorite artsy tees.  Plus, what a fun idea (which is the idea behind "Fun Monday"); the clothing a person wears sure does tell a lot about them.  Take me, for instance–

You might learn my life philosophy:


Or that I’m a HUGE Audrey Hepburn fan:


Apparently, I think that includes cheesy camera poses and using rolling pins for a) isometric exercise and/or b) to creep out my daughter (regular readers will recognize the pictures, although they were rejections from this Fun Monday and this hair-brained post).

I’m wearing one of my favorites while I write this…I stopped long enough to take a picture of it (who couldn’t love hearts AND tie dye?):


If you’re ever in Chattanooga, you’ve just gotta stop at Clumpies for ice cream–it’s locally made and a favorite summer destination of ours.  Heck, temperature doesn’t matter, winter is just fine, too.

This next tee shirt is rather controversial.  It’s one of my favorites ’cause we love eleventyseven (one of our friends is their manager 🙂 ), and until someone pointed it out to me, I NEVER noticed it looked like a cheerleader’s LEGS were blown off with dynamite…I just thought they were tired of drawing her legs….


Last, are some tee shirts I DIDN’T buy on our trip out West this summer, but they sure gave me reason to smile.



Revised:  It occurred to me after reading Hootin’ Anni’s comment, I’M CHEAP!  Ever a bargain shopper, NONE of these shirts were over $15 :).  The top three are from Target, the tie-dye from T.J. Maxx.

It’s never too late to jump on the Fun Monday bandwagon.  Click over to Willowtree’s and he’ll be happy to add you to this week’s list :).

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