In an effort to help out new hosts, and to locate archived Fun Monday themes, the following is Funmondaylogoa list of Fun Mondays since its January 2007 inception.  What began as just something fun to do on a random Monday, has turned into a delightful meme with international appeal (please let me know if I’ve skipped a week or if you notice any incorrect or broken links!).   

New to Fun Mondays?  A few guidelines follow this listing.

Beginning October 10/6/08, new listings will be listed below in reverse chronological order; older listings can be found in chronological order beneath these:

8/24/09 ~

8/17/09 ~

8/10/09 ~ Karmyn, Dreaming What Ifs, Something growing in your garden

8/3/09 ~ Sayre Smiles, Step-by-step instructions of your favorite Summertime food.

7/27/09 ~ Gattina, Pictures of messy places!

7/13/09 ~ Janis, During the lazy days of Summer, your favorite outdoor activities and how you stay cool

7/6/09 – Grace, How you spent Independence Day this year/July 4th Traditions

6/29/09 -{Please let me know if you know who hosted this week!}

6/22/09 -M is for Misanthrope

If you could choose one “main course” item and one dessert item
that would, just for you, contain zero calories for the rest of your
life, what would you choose?  Pictures or written description welcome.

6/15/09 – Jill @ The Adventures of Little Mouse

Famous & infamous events that occurred on your birthday.

6/8/09 ~ Sayre Smiles

Using your imagination,
project into the future and tell me what you will be like as an 80-year
old. Will you be someone who doesn’t accept the aging process, spending
all your time in thegym and the bars, or will you be a rocking chair
granny, or something in between?

6/1/09 – Mommy Wizdom

What part of your body (or house if you won’t do body parts) do you
take care of the best?  And if you’re willing to answer the second
question, why do you think that is?


May 25 ~ Memorial Day Break

May 18 – Mariposa Tells
Of guilty pleasure:  Self Pampering stories

May 11  –  Summit Musings

Summit Musings – Gardening Theme 

May 4 – Karisma’s Kids

“We all know our kids and pets are often a great source of
amusement to us at the best of times. I want to hear a funny, silly or
just downright cute story about your pets or your children. Have they
ever done anything to totally embarrass you in public? Have they done
something you thought was outrageous at the time, only to laugh at it
later? Have they outwitted you in some devious way, only the way a kid
can? Come on, out with it!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~

 April 27th  – The Coffee Table ~ Hoosier Girl
and Marriage. What do you consider important to a good marriage or
relationship? Tell a story of something endearing about your marriage
or your parents’ marriage. Include any wedding pictures or images of
love that remind you of what a good relationship should be.

April 20 – Sayre Smiles
Take your camera to work
and take pictures of the things that inspire you as you work or that
inspires your coworkers. Ask them (or yourself) what it is about that
particular object or picture that makes the work day seem a little

you don’t work outside the home, take a picture of the thing that helps
you get through the day and inspires you to have the best day you can.

April 13 – The Adventures of Lil Mouse
Strange Dreams. Do you have any dreams, particularly recurrent
ones that you feel no one else has? Or, just tell us about an odd dream
you had as a kid.

April 6 ~ Patience in Spring

My buddy Patience is hosting Fun Monday this week and she wants to know:  How I’ll Spend My Summer Vacation! 


March 30 ~ Wisconsin Candy Dish
Easter Baskets:  Share a Story

March 23 – Mama Drama
Margaret at Mama Drama recently
came across a discarded pair of men’s underwear in her parking garage.
That got her thinking about why someone might discard his/her underwear
in a public place?

March 16 – Mariposa Tells
Kids say the darnedest things

March 9 – Sayre Smiles
What are you and your family doing to deal with the current economic situation on a personal level? Obama’s got a plan for the nation, but how do you/will you deal with your own economic stress?

March 2 –  Chocolate and Other Things

2nd is my Mom’s birthday and was her mother’s birthday as well. For
this week’s Fun Monday, tell me something fun about your mother and/or
her mother. What fun, weird, laughable memories do you have of your Mom
or your Grandma?


2/23 ~ Kitchen Counters (a show & tell)
Host:  Ari_1965, Beyond My Slab

2/16 ~ Shoes you were around home
Host:  Gattina, Writer Cramps

2/9 ~ In pictures or words, what defines the place where you live.
Host:  Pamela, The Dust Will Wait

2/2 ~ Books you’re reading now and/or would take on a deserted island
Host:  AOJ & The Lurchers


1/26~ Diets you’ve tried and/or a photo of something that makes you happy
Host:  Mama Rehema

1/19 ~ **2nd Anniversary of Fun Monday! ** Show & Tell:  Interior shots of your home’s front door entrance
Host:  Julie, Another Chance Ranch

1/12 ~ The quirkiest thing in your home you would never give away
Host:  Jan, The Prytz Family

1/5  What’s on your mind as we close out 2008 & welcome 2009?
Host:  Faye, Summit Musings


12/29   Thinking about this Christmas, the most wonderful & most crazy parts    Host:  Sayre, SayreSmiles

12/22  Christmas break

12/15  RAK (Random  Acts of Kindness) – post about a RAK you’ve performed or that was bestowed on you
Host:  Mommy Wizdom `

12/8   Three favorite Christmas Carols/photo of your favorite Christmas thing
Host:  Mamalang

12/1  Neighbors from Hell – tell about your all time neighbors from hell
Host:  Ari_1965, Beyond My Slab

11/24/08 ~ High points in your life
Host:  Mariposa, Mariposa’s Tales

11/17/08 ~ A piece of jewelry with personal significance; a talisman
Host:  M is for Misanthrope

11/10/08 ~ A Salute to Veterans
Host:  Life According to Jan and Jer

11/03/08 ~ Why you blog
Host:  Beedancing as Fast as I Can


10/27/08 ~ Halloween Theme (favorite childhood memory, this year’s costume, etc.)
Host:  SayreSmiles

10/20/08 ~ A Day in Your Life (Photo or artistically depicted)
Host: Sarah’s Blog

10/13/08 ~ Doodles & their analysis
Host:  iPost @ 9 Acres

10/6/08 ~ Story-theme requiring the use of keywords
Host:  Mommy Wizdom


1/22/07 – Views from your front door; Host:  Vicki – Keeping your Head Above Water
1/29/07 – Childhood photographs;  Host:  Erik – The Electronic Firefly

2/5/07 – Linking to or re-posting memorable archives (yours or others);    Host:  Swampwitch -Anecdotes, Antidotes and Anodes
2/12/07 – Why I love where I live’   Host:  Marnie – I didn’t say it was your fault…
2/19/07 – Prized possessions (personal treasures with sentimental value);   Host:  Karmyn – Dreaming What-ifs
2/26/07 – Blogging environments;   Host:  Willowtree – A Dingo’s got my Barbie

3/4/07 – In keeping with Bulwer-Lytton….Compose an exceptionally bad opening sentence for any piece of writing (not limited to novels…but not including blog posts) and to include a photograph or brief description of some aspect of that sentence;  Host:  Mindy, Mama Drama
3/11/07 – “Inspiring” recipes;   Host:  Beccy – Peppermint Tea
3/18/07 – A day in your life;  Host:  Enidd – Third Person Singular
3/25/07 – Waking up to your perfect dayHost:  Tristan

4/2/07 – Vintage Clothing (One of my favorite Fun Mondays EVAH!!);  Host:  Chris B. – Ms Cellania
4/9/07 – Embarrassing Clothing;   Host:  Amy W. – A Family Story
4/16/07 – A James Tipton-type “Interview” (Answer 10 questions);  Host:  Bethany – Ice Cream Mama
4/23/07 – Bad Hair Day;   Host:  PENSIEVE 🙂  aka ME!
4/30/07 – “Spy” Photographs;   Host:  Julie – Another Chance Ranch

5/7/07 – Front Door Views, Spring Version;    Host:  Vicki – Keeping my Head Above Water
5/14/07 – Photo-post:  Favorite Coffee Mug and/or Glassware;   Host:  Willowtree – A Dingo’s got my Barbie
5/21/07 – Write–then illustrate–a short poem;    Host:  Nikki – My husband calls me weird

Memorial Week Break

6/4/07 –  Homemade, Handmade Crafts;   Host:  Karmyn – Dreaming What Ifs
6/11/07 – Photo post – Your kitchen;    Host:  Joy – A Spot of T
6/18/07 – Hanging around – Something “special” on your wall    Host:  Molly – Return of the White Robin
6/25/07 – Photo post – BookshelvesHost:  Swampwitch -Anecdotes, Antidotes and Anodes   

7/2/07 – Summertime memories;  Host:  Jenni – Prairie Air
7/9/07 – Favorite spot to relax;   Host:  Debs – Melon Patch
7/16/07 – Photo post – Shots of your car, “then” and now;  Host:  Tiggerlane – The Neophyte Blogger
7/23/07 – Best friends;     Host:  Willowtree – A Dingo’s got my Barbie
7/30/07 – Inside your refrigerator–WITHOUT cleaning it out!   Host: Amy – A Family Story

8/6/07 – Photo post – Aprons & Tea Towels!    Host:  Chris B. – Ms Cellania
8/13/07 – Favorite Treats to Eat;   Host:  Beckie – Give it a Try
8/20/07 – White lies;   Host:  Uncaringbear
8/27/07 – Why do YOU blog?   Host:  Lisa – Lisa’s Chaos

Labor Day Break

9/10/07 – Good DeedsHost:  Nikki – My husband calls me weird
9/17/07 – Favorite piece of “art” in your home;  Host:  Sayre – Sayre Smiles
9/26/07 – Favorite recipes;   Host:  Lisa the Food Snob

10/1/07 – Favorite shoes and/or FEET pictures;   Host:  Robin at PENSIEVE (me, again 🙂 )
10/8/07 – October Front Door AND Neighborhood ViewsHost:  Pamela – The Dust Will Wait
10/16/07 – How you met your spouse, significant other or best friend;  Host:  Janet – From the Planet of Janet
10/23/07 – Clothing Art (including graphic tees, hats or other apparel);  Host:  Willowtree – A Dingo’s got my Barbie
10/29/07 – “Security Blankets“–what you can’t leave home without;   Host:  Candid Karina

11/5/07 – Holiday traditionsHost:  Deborah, The Humble Housewife
11/12/07 – “Mother May I?   Host:  Hootin’ Anni
11/19/07 – A Trip Down Memory Lane;   Host:  Karisma
11/27/07 – “You Show Me Yours…” (Unfinished projects…!);   Host:  Blue Momma @ Life in the Fishbowl

12/3/07 – Favorite Post from 2007;   Host:  Robinella
12/10/07 – Favorite Christmas Ornament(s)
(One of my favorite FM’s EVAH! :));   Host: Kaytabug
12/17/07 – The story behind your home and the road you live on;   Host: Katie, Kitten’s Homeschool
12/24/07 – Christmas
12/31/07 – Putting the “FUN” in Fun Monday – sharing a favorite joke or cartoon :);    Host:  Peter, Holtie’s House

1/7/08 – Pets on Parade, Introduce your pets;    Host:  Lisa, Lisa’s Chaos
1/14/08 – Websites that have changed your life!   Host:  Ann, For the Long Run
1/21/08 – FIRST ANNIVERSARY EDITION ~ Front Door Views & Linking to your first post;  Host:  Vicki, Catching Light
1/28/08 – Bedside Tables – What’s in, on or under them!   Host:  Angela, The Lurchers

2/4/08 – Your own “Bucket List“–Five things (or more) you want to do before you die;   Host:  Tiggerlane, The Neophyte Blogger
2/11/08The one song that is “you” or makes you smile;   HostJulie, Oh a Shiny Pen
2/18/08 – Funny signs or sites that make you smile on a daily basis;   HostSayre Smiles
2/25/08 – 1)  Origin of your blog title 2) Favorite dish;  Host:  Mariposa’s Tales

3/3/08 Hollywood has come calling. They want to make a movie of your life story!  So
here’s what I want to read about: Write the brief synopsis of this film
that you might use to pitch this project and cast the principal players.   
Host:  Janet, From the Planet of Janet
5 memorable lines from 5 different movies (if you could tell us
which character said it and to whom, would be a bonus)…and tell us to
WHOM (who in the people in your life) you could have said those lines.   
Host:  IT Guy, Life, IT & Goverance
3/17/08 – Words created by your own family (& their “story”)
Host:  Nikki, My Husband Calls Me Weird
3/24/08 – A, B, Cs –
Choose a topic/theme and make an alphabetical list of words, phrases, photos
Host:  Swampwitch at Anecdotes, Antidotes, and Anodes
3/31/08Favorite quotations and Words of Inspiration
Host:  PENSIEVE!  ME 🙂

4/7/08First Celebrity Crush (A PENSIEVE FAVE)
Host:  Jo Beaufoix
4/14/085 pictures, 5 words each
Host:  Kim & Randy, Nekked Lizard Adventures
4/21/08 – Memorable Life Moments
Host:  Southern Doll
4/28/08 – A stroll down your favorite walk
Host:  The Lurchers

5/5/08 – Everyday “Heros”
Host:  Kitten’s Homeschool
5/12/08 – The jerky things we do
Host:  Sauntering Soul
5/19/08 Collections ~ What do YOU collect?
Host:  Mariposa, Mariposa’s Tales
5/26/08 – Favorite vacations
Host:  Alison, RDH Mom

6/9/08Favorite childhood memories (LOVE THIS!)
Host:  Molly, Return of the White Robin
6/16/08What’s on your walls?
Host:  Jan, The Prytz Family
6/23/08 – Old clothing you can’t part with
Host:   Hulagirl, Growing Older but not Up
6/30/08 – Personal Quirks
Host:  Lisa, Lisa’s Chaos

7/7/08 – Fish Tales 🙂
Host:  Olive, Ur Olive
7/14/08Favorite Birthday Celebration, yours or otherwise
Host:  Penny (IamwhoIam), Dungarees Ablaze
7/21/08 – Dream careers, “then” and now
Host: Irish Coffeehouse
7/28/08 – If you were ruler of the world for a day/week/month/year (your choice on the time), you would…
Host:  Mommy Wizdom

8/4/08 Favorite Words
Host:  Mothers of Brother

8/11/08 – Favorite photograph
Host:  The Lurchers
8/18/08 – Ask readers ONE question, ANY question; they respond!
Host:  Lisa’s Chaos
8/25/08 What funny trivial fact do you remember that you probably should have forgotten a long time ago?
Host:  Mama Drama

9/1/08 – Photo post:  Your blogging spot
Host:  Gattina @ Writer Cramps

9/8/08 – Write the first paragraph for an unusual love story
Host:  Woodland Mama, A Monkey in the Wrong Tree

9/15/08“Junk” Collections
Host:  Rayne @ Crunchy Bits

9/22/08 Sports allegiances
Host:  Heather, Heather’s Recipes

9/29/08 – Photo post:  Interior of your closet
Host:  Cassie, daughter of Allison, RDH Mom

** If you’re the current host and I haven’t updated to include your URL and theme, would you please drop me a line to prompt me to do so?  Thank you!!**


Fun Monday Guidelines:

Fun Monday, The Origin:  In January 2007, Vicki was just being nosy–she wanted to see the view from everyone’s front door;  Willowtree suggested everyone post on the same day.  From there, Erik wanted to see childhood photographs, and voila!  Fun Monday was born. It’s been going strong ever since, with just a few breaks for holidays.

Fun Monday, Who can participate?  ALL bloggers who want to!  This is a loosely-held meme, with the host or hostess volunteering each week, simply by alerting the current host of their interest.  It’s never too late to join in, hosts are always generous to add you as soon as they can.  Fun Monday has an international following and it’s, well, FUN to meet bluddies (blog + buddies) in “far away places” :).

Fun Monday, What do I need to do to participate?  Simply comment to or email the host for the current week.  To find out who is hosting, the burden is on you…you simply follow the previous host’s posts that will lead you to the current host.  On the given Fun Monday, be sure to identify your post with “Fun Monday” somewhere in the title, link back to the host or hostess, and invite others to join.   It’s also fine to pick up either one of the Fun Monday logos found on this page.

Fun Monday Etiquette:
  It’s courteous to visit as many of the bloggers who participate as possible.  The larger the audience, the more difficult this becomes.  Especially make an effort to visit or reply to those who visit you.  Be sure to use a working e-mail address and check your links.  ALWAYS link back to the current week’s host.  If YOU’D like to host a future Fun Monday, simply check with the current host to see if anyone has volunteered. 

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