Recently, John Piper had a book sale–$5 for any book available from Desiring God.   Hardback, soft cover, didn’t matter, the price was good for anything!

Five dollars?! I went a bit overboard by "accidentally" buying 19, yes NINETEEN, books

How in the world do I decide which one to read first?

Why, I know–I’ll ask YOU!  If you’re a JP fan, please weigh in–I wanna know which book is your favorite and why.  Also, if you’d be selflessly willing to post my question on your blog with a link back to this post (so your readers can comment here with their recommendations), I’ll send you a copy of "For Your Joy" (well, the first ten people who are interested and willing to share their address*).  This is no attempt to generate traffic…I sincerely wanna know where to begin! 🙂

We’re headed out of town this weekend, so the quicker your thoughts, the more helpful (I sure don’t wanna take 19 books on my trip!).  Of course, if you’re reading this after the fact and have an opinion, I’d still like to hear your thoughts; it might help prioritize reading my Piper library ;).

If you aren’t familiar with John Piper, surf around his website…get to know more about him and his ministry.  He’s one of the most honorable men of God I know of and his writing is deep and profound and gospel-immersed; his mantra is "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him."  He explains that (and so much more) on his website and in his books. 

Piper’s humility and generosity are admirable and atypical in today’s landscape of mega-televangelists–if you can’t afford his books, he (DG) will give them to you.  Seriously.  Without further obligation.  Unbelievable, especially if you beginning comparing him to others….

Thanks for your time, and if you choose to ask your readers their thoughts, your generosity :).


* It’ll be a while before I send out these books…I’m out of town next week and I’m way behind on sending out my "Pay it Forwards" among other things.  Discombobulated = procrastination.  Love me in spite of myself…PLEASE? 🙂

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