I sure should’ve posted this before now–

1)  I never told you who this was (based on the comments, not many of you cared 😉 but Southern Girl got it right.).  The man upon whom the movie "Catch Me If You Can" was based, Frank Abagnale.  He spoke at the First Things First 10th Anniversary celebration, and some friends invited us to attend. 

In his common, matter-of-fact demeanor, he held us captive with the true version of his life, correcting the fallacies perpetuated by the movie.  His was a message of the life-altering importance of marriage and family, and he spoke it with deep-rooted, heart-wrenching conviction. 

If you ever have opportunity to hear him speak, it’s worth your time and the cost of admission (and he’s more than happy to vogue with any bloggers fans in the audience 😉 ).

2)  Overdue thanks! 

Just because I don’t respond very quickly, doesn’t mean I don’t SINCERELY APPRECIATE, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART when my blog buds share little prizes.

Most recently, Robinella, who gave me this and said:Naswlogorevised_2

"I can’t say enough wonderful things about this gal who shares my name.
Her best SW quality is that she is distracting with her chatter but she
really knows how to spread the word. She takes time out of her busy day
to email people personally as any good SW would do. But unfortunately,
she was caught with seaweed infested, salty braids, that between you
(the www) and me, I think are just a little too tight. But the picture
of her from the back was really perty and worth tight braids."

How could I tarry in my expressing my gratitude?  She rocks!Smile_banner

And loooong-time friend, e-mom paid me a wonderful compliment by sharing this familiar button (in spite of the fact she called me OLD!):   

Thing is, I’m supposed to pass it along to five others, but because I’m so late, many of you already have it (and I’ve lost track).  The truth is, EVERYONE who comments to PENSIEVE makes me smile, so if you don’t have it, please pick it up and wear it proudly and you can even say I gave it to ya, ’cause isn’t that what I’m doing?

And Willowtree…I imagine he’s long forgotten awarding me (well, my winning by popular vote :/) this little ditty for my commenting prowess.  Before you click the link, I’ve gotta issue a warning (I’m serious…and Willowtree, when you read this, you KNOW some of my readers would be offended by your "colorful" language, so you are NOT allowed to take offense at my warning!)–his is an R-rated blog (probably an understatement, it might be NC-17 )…and MY version of the award has been re-created-from-the-ground-up re-worked so I could actually post it (thanks to the photoshopping skills of Mama Drama blogger, Mindy!).  Willowtree is the King of Snark, and he managed to rip my words out of context and make me sound like his Queen.  Honestly, when I found out people were voting for ME I about died!  Then, I realized, by golly, it was a compliment.  To be able to keep up with the likes of his regulars?  They’ve got some of the sharpest wit and humor in the business!  (If you choose to follow the link, be sure to read my comment in response…it wasn’t my first response, but after praying about it–seriously!–it’s VERY proportional to the "crime";) ).

And for all of y’all who’ve tagged me…I DO wanna get to ’em, and maybe I will…but gee willikers…I haven’t even finished my Kiawah top ten list, or our Yellowstone, or my 20th Anniversary post.  Is there an award for Queen of Procrastination or Always Blog-behind?

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