1)  How do you clean a hummingbird feeder like this one?  I’m talking about the Hummingbird_feederarea near the mouth of the feeder and the dish itself.

If you were advising someone who was in the market for a new digital camera, what would you recommend and why?  I’m curious about point and shoots and SLRs.  Comments on accessories?

3)  Who’s got a perfect Buttermilk Pie recipe (I know one was posted on Fun Monday, but doggone it, now I can’t remember who :/)?  Proven recipes, please :).

4)  I know how to get gum out of clothes BEFORE they’re washed…any suggestions for after they’re DRIED (hypothetically speaking) :/?

5)  THIS ONE I REALLY NEED HELP WITH!  How the heck do you clean a shower…not just the floor, but the sides and cubbies and shelves?  When the showerhead is stationary and can’t spray the walls and crevices?  I never feel like it’s a complete job….  And it’s reeeal important because it’s NEW!!! 

That’s all for now………(and thanks if you chime in 🙂 ).

OOoooo, I’m posting this because it’s Backwards Day at WFMW…figures I’d join in on a day when nothing is "normal" ;).

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