1) Today is the monthly "Recipe Round-up" and I’m working on my inaugural post for that (you gotta like a meme that rolls around just once a month).  Hosted by Motherhood Apologia, October’s theme is "Freezer Recipes".  I’m in the middle of cooking Noni’s Chicken Stew, one of the suggestions I had offered (but didn’t choose) for the Fun Monday "Favorite Recipe" edition. 

My chicken is simmering for the stew.  It looks like this right now:

Can anyone tell me why chicken daggum FOAMS when you simmer it?  Better yet, DO I WANT TO KNOW???  This is NOT the time to be imaginative and offer creative reasons…it grosses me out enough to handle raw poultry.

Hop over to Motherhood Apologia to check out some yummy recipes or add your own if you have one you’d like to share.

2)  I’m re-seasoning my black cast iron skillet right now.  I’ll give ya the recipe for that soon…for now, it smells like my house is burning down.

3)  In unrelated news, my youngest can fly!  I so wish I had been ready for the shot at his highest point….


Interestingly, when I asked him what super power he’d like to have, it was the strangest thing I ever heard NOT flying

4)  Do ya have any suggestions for what really and truly can clean a ceramic cook-top? 

5)  If you’ve surfed at all lately, you’ve seen the BlogHer survey like the one at the top right of my page…and you’ve probably ignored it.  If you have a minute, would you take time to click it and answer the questions?  Ok…2.5 minutes.  Thanks if you bother :).

Off to check the chicken, recipe coming soon (pictures a bit later).

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