It’s already time for Poetry Friday and 15 Words or Less poems (which is actually posted on Thursday). 

My first stanza is well under the 15-word limit, but it seemed unfinished without a second; I wonder if Laura will 15_words_or_less_poems_button
ban me from 15 Words mind that I slipped over the word count a teensy weensy bit with the second stanza addition (kinda like the Wal-mart shoppers who sneak 23 items one or two extra items in the 20-item Express Lane).

Here’s the photo Laura used for this week’s "15 Words":


Prismatic season
Fire-lit hues
Slowly verdancy diffused.

Rainbow spectrum
Key of red
All too soon, their fall, ahead.

Because, sometimes when I write, I get a little carried away…here are my "rejects", the ones that made me giggle.  Just tack either one of them on as stanza three…

Ignited color
Soon to fall
Grab a rake and help us, y’all!


Crimson glory
Umbrageous wake
Once they fall, help!  Grab a rake!

And then, there’s Haiku Friday


Breathtaking beauty
Leafy pallets, artist’s muse
Death, then life again

Try one…try them all…and be sure to let me know if you do :).

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