Saturday, Rachel and I walked in our local "Race for the Cure".  Because it was the first time I’ve ever participated in this event, I had no idea what to expect.

I certainly didn’t expect to be overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed, is precisely what I was.

The atmosphere was one of the most positively electric- charged rallys I’ve ever attended.  What caught me most off guard was the number of MEN attending…the number of children attending.  This was NOT a chick event–it was a FAMILY affair.

Seeing that was the first time I got a lump in my throat.  The second time was when I called my sister to tell her what I was doing (she’s a TEN-year survivor!!  Breast cancer robbed us of our mother when we were children, who in turn was robbed of her mother when she was just a baby).  The third time was when the runners took off.  The fourth time was when they photographed the survivors, spotlighting six-month…one-year…five-year…ten-year…25-year+ survivors!  The fifth time was when I saw Rachel had pinned on an "I race in memory of my grandmother" tag.  The sixth time…you get the drift.

It was a time of celebration–of life and progress in the fight against breast cancer.  I heard later our local event was chaired by a male breast cancer survivor, the first time that has taken place (here, anyway).

Next year, I won’t wait til the last minute to decide to take part; I’m hopeful our entire family will be walking–or running–in honor of, and in celebration of, women who were responsible for MY life, and those who continue to be a part of it :).

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More ta-ta-talk-and-then-some…..


Don’t they look ready to walk?


I didn’t know these ladies, but their team tee shirts were my favorite.  I wonder if they care that I’ve posted their picture?
They sure were quick to strike a pose for a complete stranger without asking any questions, lol.


I really don’t care if retailers are making money off the Cause; at least they’re bringing attention to Breast Cancer Awareness AND the packaging looks much prettier, yes?

My favorite tee shirt of the day bore this message from the imaginative minds at "Save the Ta-Tas":


Of course, because my blog is all about honesty (and apparently waaaay TMI), this is the version I’d be sportin’:


Mercy me, I think I’ve about worn this TOPic out, so I’m closing with a little more pink…I’ll be keeping this in my sidebar for the rest of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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HT:  Mert, for pointing me in the direction of a lot of this 4-1-1

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