This revelation,
particularly after the fact, bothers me.  Why sexualize a character in a children’s series, particularly when it has played no part in 4,224 pages? 

Somehow I feel manipulated… broad-sided…betrayed.  For Rowling to have a subversive agenda in her character development is certainly her prerogative; but the admission well after her last words were penned leaves me thinking less of her, not more (despite the ovation and accolade she’s receiving).

No matter what, though, she’s a brilliant author, she brought to life a host of characters who compelled children (and adults!) to read thousands of pages, she created words and worlds that held us captive, hanging on cliff after cliff simply because there was spectacular substance behind her style…

…and even as I bang out a softly-spoken rant on my keyboard, I realize IF she had this in mind from the beginning, it’s sad? unfortunate? [I can’t seem to grasp the word I’m looking for…:/] that had she revealed this early on, thousands would have missed out on one of the greatest literary adventures of our time. 

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