While my "real" post today is only half third quarter-written, here are some burning thoughts that are smoking my brain:

1)  For those of you’ve who’ve participated in Fun Monday (or plan to, say, next week) I began a group for Fun Monday participants at NaBloPoMo.  Please consider THIS your invitation to join.

2) Can anyone reduce the size of the NaBloPoMo button on this page to fit in my sidebar?  I like it best…that cat thing scares me.

3)  I haven’t been home much to invite friends to my NBPM page, but I appreciate those of y’all who’ve invited me.  "When I have time to enter email addresses", I’ll invite you.  Better yet, INVITE ME :)!!

4)  I have a BIG announcement coming Monday…please be sure to look for it along with my Fun Monday post :).

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