Before our Yellowstone adventure this summer, it had been over 15 years since Tad and I had flown anywhere together; I suppose you could consider me the estrogen equivalent of John Madden. totally freaked by

We Tad had done our his homework.  After not just watching, but studying meticulously scrutinizing, air fares for months, it occurred to him the only way for us to arrive at Hermitage Bay–our ultimate destination–before dusk, was to fly to "somewhere else" first.  After evaluating our options, that "somewhere else" was deemed to be San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ever my personal travel agent, Tad researched hotel options and decided against staying on San Juan’s beautiful coast; we’d get plenty of "coast" in Antigua
.  Instead, he concluded our best option was El Convento in Old San Juan.  El Convento’s rave reviews from our best friend in the travel business left no doubt.

The hotel is a beautifully restored 17th century convent:


Its check-in area is reminiscent of a bygone era:


El Convento is the ultimate in substance and style.  There’s a wine and cheese reception every evening–



The views are spectacular from the
ground floor…
(courtyard dining, scrumptious breakfast, looking out and up)





…and the rooftop views are equally amazing–
(Me overlooking San Juan Bay, the Governor’s Mansion, rooftop pool, the city)



The little details throughout the hotel were countless; I saw a richness and beauty at every turn, even in imperfection:




El Convento is a wonderfully romantic destination, in the heart of a wonderfully romantic city. 

And this is where I sorely regret NEITHER of us researching Old San Juan in advance, to truly understand and appreciate the AMAZING destination we had chosen.  Had we realized the beauty and history of this city, we could’ve visited for days soaking in the culture, the history, the people of San Juan.

More about that, next time….

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