While I’m finishing up the guidelines for Pensieve’s Poetic License, I’m ever-mindful that our official anniversary is just over a week away–our 20th anniversary!  With well over 600 pictures taken on our anniversary trip, it’s no wonder I’m taking a while to organize my thoughts about how to "journal" our adventure.  While I don’t wanna bore you to tears, I’m taking my time writing/photo-journaling it, because if I don’t, I’ll forget.  I might just have the "gene", ya know :/. 

Anyhoo, I saw this at Surcie’s spot and it made me smile three shades of dazzle!  Nope, we didn’t do this at our wedding reception, but just the thought is hee-lair-ee-us!!  My husband, dancing?  Other than a slow dance??  LIKE THIS?  Oh, my, THAT thought is delicious (only our friends IRL can fully appreciate that).

Please enjoy…and let’s DANCE (it just feels good 😉 )!

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