Swampwitch, ever the thoughtful blogger, is hosting a "housewarming" for Tiggerlane and Julie, two Fun-Monday-and- more bluddies (blog + buddies) who have just constructed new homes.  Swampy asked those who wanted to join in the festivities to "post something that they would enjoy having in or around their new homes".

Well, I for one, HATE moving, the whole dang process!  Packing, unpacking, cleaning, and everything in between.  Throw in building a house, and well…I might just not make it.

One thing is for certain, at the end of all that 1)  I’m HUNGRY, and 2) I don’t have the mental…physical…emotional…and even spiritual capacity left to cook.

With that in mind, for both Tiggerlane and Julie, I’m bringing over dinner–enough food that they’ll have leftovers a) to share, or b) until they’re sick of it!

Here’s Julie’s (parmesan-crusted chicken, gourmet mac and cheese, green bean almondine, for dessert CHOCOLATE!):



And, here’s Tiggerlane’s (Salmon, herbed califlower and butternut squash, her dessert is one of my other favorites–tiramisu!):



Last, here’s a little something they can KEEP, so they can create their own gourmet dinners once they’re settled.  Even if they HATED cooking now, with a Swiss Diamond set, they’ll think they could star in their own Food Network show.  I have one piece of Swiss Diamond cookware, and it’s my FAVORITE pan to cook with!!!  I was shocked and awed at what a difference it made when I used it (it was worth the shock and awe of the sticker price…!).


Visit Swampy to see what everyone else has "cooked up" for these two girlie-Qs…I’m sure they’ll be writing thank you notes for months!

Hmmmm, I’m curious, what would YOU like for a housewarming present if you were moving?  I’m thinking "realistic" here, not imaginary cyber gifts where the sky is the limit (I’ll make mental notes, so think hard 😉 ).

Thanks to DineWise for the yummy eats (and photos)!

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