Nope, this isn’t about the Amazing Anniversary Day-long Date I had yesterday with my husband of 20 years, this is about the other day when I decided to post a Blog Hissy Fit.  You know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to post photos and they upload all wonky, right, and who has time for that, so you just abandon the post and upload 24 pictures of trying on old clothes to see if they still fit for God and the world-wide-flippin-web to see.

Weeell, I was pleasantly surprised when Sandy and Junebug jinxily passed along some blog lovin’–


Sandy passed it along to me because apparently I "actually make [her] think some of the time" (whoa, Nellie!), and Junebug shared it with me because she joined not just one, but BOTH of the groups I created on my NaBloPoMo page. 

Thanks, girlie-Qs, you sure know how to shut up my whining put a SMILE on my face!

I’ll be back a little later to pass along some of the friendship loving myself :).

Really, truly, I could award this to so many people in my sphere…and it’s EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL for me to have to narrow down a choice…but, by golly, I’m doing it.  For the first time evah (maybe) and probably for the last time, too (maybe). 

To Min, because 1) her computer died, 2) she helped me with photoshopping a "project", 3) she misses her first born, 4) she’s left more comments on my blog than anyone ever has and ever will (more than maybe), and mostly 5) because I’d love to meet her IRL…I can tell there’s a lot to this Mama of Drama :).

To Kim, because 1) she has GREATLY encouraged me when I seemed to need it most, 2) she challenges me in the faith, 3) she turned me on to some fun blogging exercises, 4)  she has been an enthusiastic cheerleader and supporter of PPL.

Thanks to Junebug and Sandy for giving me reason to blow a whole lot of air up these fantastic bloggers’ skirts :). 

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