For WEEKS now my oldest two have been in rehearsals for their school’s fall play.  Hours and hours…and then a few more hours of rehearsals.

Their school work did not stop, nor did their practices and matches for soccer and cross-country.

And then there were the hours (literally) of me searching for "loud" pants and a bow tie.  Apparently, loud boy pants don’t exist in the fall, those must be made for summer (college) boys only.  And bow ties?  Fuggetaboutit :/ (OF COURSE, a friend told me AFTER THE FACT you can get bow ties at Hobby Lobby…).

Well, last night was their production. 

And it was good!

Their school is LOW budget when it comes to this kind of thing–they don’t have a real stage to perform on (it’s in the adjacent church’s auditorium/sanctuary).   Still, it didn’t really matter, the talent level pulled it off in spite of that.

Rach’s part was smallish, but when she was on stage, she looked at ease.  She didn’t over-act and her lines were delivered well and on queue.

And Thom?   My first born son?

He was in his element.

Seeing a kid flourish in a setting for which they were made does something to a parent.  I caught a glimpse of happens to mothers when they see their children’s careers take off in music or Hollywood–a MUCH, MUCH smaller scale, but I felt the slightest twinge of all that.  My heart exploded, and I think what might happen to Hollywood moms is their heart explodes, which then triggers some of their brains to explode.  My brain is still (somewhat) intact (my heart is still fire-workin’ though).   

He was the youngest student with a lead role (he’s in seventh, all the other leads were high schoolers), but he had presence.  And, you know this part is important to me–he made us laugh.  Out loud.  And NOT just me :).

There was no flash photography, but that didn’t stop me from taking 200 pictures; sadly, most of the images will just have to remain lodged in my Mama-memory banks, but here’s a shot of the two of them on stage together (center two).

Which reminds me, they were each other’s biggest cheerleaders and it was a delight to see them encouraging–and COACHING–each other.

I could so be the stage mom if I let my heart lead, lol.  Yep, good thing the brain’s still in control ;).

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