Is it an oddity that I e n j o y writing poetry? 

Sometimes it takes the form of an absurd Ode to Laundry; other moments, I might write to express the pain of circumstance; and sometimes I’m ranting about and cursing the blogger gods–and at the brink of implosion, ask readers to join in  (for which y’all wonderfully comply!).

It’s that last post that got me thinking over a year ago how FUN it’d be to have a monthly sing "poem-a-long" carnival.  Well, that, and your always generous comments to me when I post a poem.  THEN, I discovered Laura’s "15 Words or Less" and Poetry Friday (which I’m having a hard time tracking down some weeks), and I was spurred on to complete my thought.  Revka had already designed a button for me a while back, it was just a matter of clarifying the details. 

So…….my big announcement?  The one for which y’all have been blindly supportive and encouraging without knowing what I was going to say next?  Well, friends, you’re ALL invited to join: 


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard, "I like to write poetry, I’m just not very good at it…"?  I’ve even said it myself.

My friend, Kim, a thoughtful blogger who has been in on my little poetry secret for a while now commented via email:

"[writing poetry is] a great
discipline to get the juices flowing.  For me, it’s been an exercise in
observation as well as creativity.  Not to mention the “going out on a
limb” factor that I find exciting.  I’m not a great poet, but I AM
a poet."

Her last line expressed how I feel, exactly…and, I’m thinking there may be a few more like "us" who want to write, but don’t feel like they’re "good enough".  Here’s your opportunity, and you will have a ready audience (me and everyone else who joins in), cheering you on, not just from the sidelines, but from the field of play!

I’m still writing the "official guidelines" and hope to post those tomorrow.  In the meantime, you simply need to know this is NOT a contest, it’s not a share-and-compare…it’s a
celebration of words and poetry and expression and (this last one is so me!) rule-less-ness!  And, daggum it, it’s a kick in the behind for you to release your "inner poet" because I KNOW it’s there!  I’ve seen glimpses!!  You just need someone to give you permission to let it OUT!

In general:

1)  Pensieve’s Poetic License is a monthly carnival.

2)  The second week of each month, I’ll post the theme and poetic form we’ll be using, with a brief explanation of the latter. 

3)  The following week participants can post their submissions any day (I’ll be using Mr. Linky to make it REALLY easy on you and you can add your post any time that week). 

4)  Eventually I’ll have a link in my sidebar with a link to more detailed guidelines, including a calendar and what to expect in the future.

When does it start?  This month, of course!  Next Monday I’ll explain the first month’s theme and we’ll post our poems the week of the 19th.  Long-time readers of Pensieve can probably guess the first poetic form…it’s my favorite! 😉

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