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What is Pensieve’s Poetic License?
    A monthly carnival designed to encourage bloggers to exercise their poetry gene.  Everyone is born with one; sometimes you just need "permission" (or a kick in the behind) to use it.

W H Y?
    First, read this (it
explains a lot).  Second, maybe you kinda-sorta liked writing poetry,
but you didn’t think it was "good enough." Well, I believe it IS good enough and that you have a few lines
itching to get out of your mind and heart and onto "paper".  Sometimes all you need is a cheerleader; PENSIEVE is just the place for that.

When does it take place?
    Monthly, around the FIRST Thursday/Friday of each month (dates posted below).

How will others know I’m participating?
    Monthly guidelines including theme and form will be posted the first Monday or Tuesday; a Mr. Linky will be posted the following Thursday/Friday to which you can register your FINISHED POEM.  (Please be sure to register with
Mr. Linky AFTER  you’ve written the poem; a link to your main page or perhaps poem-less blog is an exercise in frustration for those looking for your poem.)

Who can participate?
    Anyone who can read and write.  Young or old.  Dog or cat (only if they can read and write).  You’re welcome to ask your readers to join you; if you copy and paste the code below and include it in your sidebar or poem posts, others will be directed back to this page.

Anything else?
is NOT a competition!  It’s about expressing yourself creatively, with
the encouragement of others to spur you on.  I so hope you’ll try
it…I think you’ll be glad you did :).

Do I have to write using the poetic form you choose each month?
    Nope–that’s why the motto is "No Rules.  Just WRITE!".
Of course I hope you will (don’t be afraid – I’ll explain each poetic
form as it’s presented)…but if you only feel comfortable writing
limericks, well, write limericks!
For all other
questions, PLEASE email me and I’ll do my best to answer.  This is a
work-in-progress, so it might take a while to iron out all the kinks
(thanks in advance for your patience!).

(more details will be given the first week of each month:

    Form:  Limericks!
    Theme:  Thankfulness
    Post poem week of November 19th

    Form:  Cinquain 
    Theme:  Celebration       
    Post poem week of December 17th

    Form:  Terza Rima   
    Theme:  Beginnings OR Favorite Snack Foods (in honor of the New Year and the Super Bowl)
    Post poem Thursday, January 17

    Form:  English Sonnet
    Theme:  SomeTHING you love (not someONE)
    Post poem Thursday, February 14

    Form ~ Limerick   
    Theme:  No theme, but use one or more of the following key words:  green, irish, leprechaun, shamrock, Easter, Spring, kite, windy
    Post poem Friday, March 7

    Form ~ Haiku
    Theme:  Spring
    Post poem Friday, April 11

While not mandatory, it’d be appreciated if you include a button with your post and/or on your sidebars:


To pick up the code for the above image, right click in the box below, click "Select All", then "Copy" and paste in your side bar or with your PPL post.

While it’s not required–but is appreciated–here’s a larger button to include the day you post your poem :).  Please use the supplied code; it links back to PPL information.

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