E-mom (who TOTALLY ROCKS because she taught me how to make image links in a box you can copy, cut and paste) tagged me and I think this would be a GREAT time to give you a little TMI.  No one reads on Saturdays, right?  RIGHT??!

And honestly, I cannot remember if I’ve posted any of these before, but does anyone retain this info ANYWAY??  I mean, if I can’t remember, can you???  (please say "no", please say "no"!).

1)  I can raise my left eyebrow but not my right one.

2)  I do not like sandwiches.  I’ll eat them but I’d rather skip lunch than make one.  Which is REALLY weird because I LOVE bread!  Which is even weirder because when I’m eating a big meal with chicken or steak, sometimes I’ll make mini-sandwiches out of dinner rolls and a bite of meat. 

3)  I’ve never broken a bone (do toes count?) or received stitches for an injury (I figure wisdom tooth extractions and episiotomies don’t count, but the scars from those stitches will NEVER make it to the blog.  I realize this surprises some of you, but I have to draw the line somewhere for goodness sakes!  Gum and va-jay-jay scars are apparently that line.).

4)  Wearing my hair in braids produced an interesting phenomena, something I did NOT anticipate–black men approached me in friendly conversation whenever I was in a public setting.  I’m not kidding.  They’d smile approvingly (not lasciviously) and wanna know where I was from or who did my hair; every last one of them told me I pulled the look off, that it looked nice.  White men?  They’d either make some reference to Bo Derek or look at me like I was crazy.  Not one black man mentioned Bo.

5)  I like cats.  They taste like chicken.

(okay, okay…that’s my favorite non-religious, non-political bumper sticker of all time)

6)  Our 20th wedding anniversary is on Wednesday…and I will be busting the seal on my entombed wedding dress and putting that sucker on one way or the other.  Is it really all there?  Are the parts you can’t see stained with all manner of wedding punch and cake (I cannot remember our reception food…!)?  WILL IT FIT?  Hehe, check back ’cause you KNOW I’ll be photo-journaling that! 

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