We live a few miles off the interstate and just recently they began MAJOR re-construction of our exit.  For the next three years or so…it’s gonna be a mess.  Traffic has already been impacted, minutes will be robbed from our day, and I’ll probably get a little twitchy….  If salvation was "losable", mine would be lost in snarled traffic and to idiot poor drivers. 

The bright side?  At least there’s an alternate route.  It’s curvy, hilly, and meanders past two dozen neighborhoods, but at least traffic moves.  And we pass, oddly enough, a small pasture with llamas and goats. 

Friday, we DID come to an abrupt halt to our utter surprise and to my alligator chasin’ snake charmin’  animal lovin’ delight. 


A gang posse (I’m not kidding) rafter of wild turkeys was crossing the road!  The only camera I had was my cell phone, so of course I slammed the car into park, flipped open the phone and did my best to get a picture; the above is the best I could do.

It really did look like a prison break–single file, an orderly dismissal, and like they had somewhere reeal important to go.  I didn’t know turkeys could run so fast!

Or maybe, just maybe, they knew when they were "invited" to dinner, they were going to be seated at the head of the table ;).

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