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This month’s challenge is a good one y’all…it lives up to all the fantastic poems I’ve read of yours so far (since I’ve been disconnected for the better part of two days, I’m still visiting your PPL posts 🙂 ).  Remember, you can write your poems any day this week according to those whacky guidelines, and hook up with Mr. Linky when they’re posted. 

I’m just so doggone P.R.O.U.D. of you–especially those who are tip-toeing out of your comfort zone to share your creative genius.  For a few of you, this is a rose petal-strewn walk in the park; for the rest of ya, it’s a tightrope walk over a pool of piranhas.  Kudos to you all!

Here are my poems for the week, and if you haven’t yet gotten to yours, it’s not too late!  Mr. Linky is here to stay like white on rice.

I took a queue from Kim and used a variety of methods:


Method 1:

Frenzied, Frantic
Running, Searching, Crying
Ebay takes advantage of supply and demand

Method 2 (consistent with Adelaide Crapsey, 22 syllables total, two in lines one and five; four, six, then eight in the middle three lines)

God gave because He loved
An eternal celebration

Method 3 (5 line stanza, rhyme scheme ababb)

Tis the season for celebration
We give and we receive
Christ born to bring salvation
Amazing grace, yes, I believe
Miracle of Christmas Eve

(Stay tuned for revised guidelines next month…it’ll be a whole lot easier to follow.  I guess this is my versions of Vista, eh? 😉 )

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