Thanks to Maria, home to Jubilee on Earth for this little kitty-ditty:


I think I’ll pass it along to an oldie and a newbie.  Willowtree (because I can’t imagine how he could negatively photoshop this cuddly kitty bling…AND because I really am grateful for his HTML expertise and blogging help) and Elena Jane (because 1) she looks good in pink, 2) she comments like me–when she’s "behind" in reading, she actually goes back and catches up with several posts at a time (and I really appreciate that) ).

And since I was twice nighted with the Friendship Award (this time by Chaotic Lisa), I think I’ll do the same thing–an oldie and a newbie:  Kelly (she’s one of my most long-running bloggin’ buddies and I appreciate her consistency–it mirrors mine (so she understands…) and Beckie (because she emailed me perhaps the most diplomatic, sweet, kind, discerning…and funny email I’ve received from another blogger).

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