This week’s Fun Monday challenge is colorifically simple.  Kaytabug asked to see our favorite Christmas tree ornaments (please be sure to follow her link to see all the participants this week).

Twenty years into a marriage that is three-deep with children, our tree is heavily laden with ornaments–glittered and glued by my babies, received as gifts through the years, or purchased half-price or less during post-Christmas shopping madness. 

Surprisingly for someone who can’t make a decision but at least I’m not linking to a single ‘nother post I’ve written, for quite possibly the first time in forEVAH I knew exactly which ornaments I’d share:  three hand-beaded-and-sequined treasures created by my mother when she was terminally ill with cancer; there are nine in all, and my brother and sister each have three as well.

I’m sure to those who see them hanging on my tree, they’re nothing particularly special–they look handmade and since they’re over 35 years old, mint condition is a thing of the past.

There are few things that bind me instantly to the memory of my mom–these fall into that category.  Every year I imagine her making them for us…she was very sick for years (that long ago, treatment was barMint_green_velvet_and_sequin_beadedbaric compared to today’s 🙁 ), so I wonder was it an effort for her to make them?  a joy?  Did her mother’s heart know–just KNOW–that she was sealing her touch in a glittered orb for me to delight in each year?   That they’re the last ornaments I put away "this" year, so they’ll be the first ones I discover next?  That my own children, grandchildren she’d never know, would know that she made them for us, and appreciate what they represent–the life who gave me life :).


These ornaments are so much more than decorations on a tree.  They’re tangible reminders of a mother’s love that transcends time and overcomes the barrier of death’s separation…to bring joy and sweet remembrance and a richness to a season that celebrates life...God made man.

Merry, indeed :).

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