As hostess for this week’s installment, Katie wants to know "the story behind your home and the road you live on". 

Almost five years ago when we found out we’d be moving here, my job was to find a house.  Interestingly, on the way to look at a particular house, we "accidentally" found the neighborhood we live in now.  There was a house for sale in which we were interested, and our realtor called the listing agent while we waited in the driveway.  After looking at this VERY dated house, and realizing it was a) too small, and b) too large a project to take on, we continued down the street where we saw a "for sale" sign at the bottom of steep ascending driveway, but the house itself was obscured by trees.  Lots of them…a forest. 

As we meandered up the hill, the home appeared, but when I realized it was painted blue, my heart sank.  We had just changed the blue trim on our SC home, and while I love shades of blue, I couldn’t stand it on our house.  The one we left, or the one we in front of me.  I didn’t even want to look at it I was so sick of blue. 

In typical "don’t judge a book by its cover" irony, we loved the house’s interior.  It was dated and plain and very "oaky"…but it was spacious and accommodating…and a remarkable price for the size and neighborhood. 

Loooooong story short, we bought it, had a forest cut down so we could see our house from the street and Tad would have a yard to mow (he’s crazy that way), and after 4 1/2 years, we’re nearing the completion of interior improvements (THAT’S a post I’ve been D.Y.I.N.G. to write for 14 months!  Dying in the sense it has taken that long to FINISH everything (and it’s not quite done, yet…) ). The house was built in the late 70s and had one owner prior to us. 

Dsc_1580This is the view from our front porch, and at the end of the road where it curves right, sits that first home we looked at but didn’t buy.

This shot is taken from about where I saw that snake in the road.  Five years ago, we couldn’t see our house from that spot; in part, because it was spring and the trees were leafed out, and in part because the yard, then, was naturalized and so thick with brush and tree we couldn’t see the home itself.  Curiosity, I suppose, is what compelled us to travel up that steep, winding driveway.

Funny how changing the exterior’s color wasn’t on the short list for our home improvements (but when it HAS to be painted, I promise it WON’T be re-painted blue!).

Visit Katie for more stories about house and home, and Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise :/ later I’ll be posting some interior photos for Boo Mama’s Christmas tour :)… 

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