1)  This will be my last post until Monday’s Pensieve Poetic License’s December theme posting and poetic form explanation (PLEASE plan to join in this month…lemme know in comments and I’ll add you to the email reminder list) AND my Fun Monday post (both will most likely post Sunday night or reeeal early Monday morning).  This week I’ll explain December’s PPL–you have until NEXT WEEK to write one (or two or three) and I’ll have Mr. Linky ready to go on Tuesday the 18th.

2)  In lieu of posting, I am a) re-working my blog a bit, and more importantly, 2) visiting bloggers who’ve commented on Pensieve this week.  You know those comparisons/analogies listed on IQ tests?  Blank is to Blank like Blank is to Blank?  Well, Comments to Robin are like Blood to a Vampire or Dance to Helio (s i g h) or Honey to a Bee or a Bandaid to a Boo-boo or Gin to a Drunk or Paparazzi to Britney or Flies to Manure…lol, you get the picture (what analogy would YOU make?!  Tell me, I’d love to hear more 🙂 ). 

I’ve had more than my share of comment-crack this week without much time to reciprocate, so I hope to remedy at least some of that.  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your thoughts and visits to my blog–y’all ROCK!

3)  Last, a contest of sorts for those of you who can design blog buttons (kinda like Moon_and_stars_2
my PPL one).   I’m workin’ on a little something FUN (of course) but I need some button bling to go with it; I don’t have the mad photoshop skills to create one myself :/…  It’s Christmas time and I don’t wanna pay for it  BUT, a LOT of y’all DO (and some of you have even offered to help me in the past….).  Soooo, I decided to have a CONTEST among those who’d like to submit something, and if I choose yours, I’ll give you a design credit in my sidebar, write a glowing & gushing post in honor of you, shower you with blog love and affection…and who knows, maybe send you a prize. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, please email me; I’m not going to post the details on my blog, only to those who are serious about submitting a contest entry.  I realize it’s a BUSY time of year and this is the last thing you have time for, but for those of you who LOVE this kinda thing, maybe it wouldn’t be a big hassle (see?  I don’t know how to do it, so I don’t know if it’s a hassle…). 

Ok…all I have time to write for now, for Robin’s PENSIEVE, anyway ;).

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