Spam_costumeYikes!  For some reason, TypePad has enabled word verification and spam filters and they’re making it intolerable to comment at times…I have no idea why.  I knew I had trouble elsewhere this week, but until I started receiving emails and comments on my blog, I didn’t realize it was happening on PENSIEVE, too :/ (I haven’t been around to respond to comments like I typically do, so I didn’t realize until today it’s blocking ME, too!). 

I’ve emailed TypePad about it, and Willowtree is on it, so I’m sure it’ll be resolved soon.  A squillion "thanks" to those of you who have persevered and commented, especially after multiple frustrating attempts (it took Mariposa six times to get through…she ROCKS!).

Hmmmm, do you think it’s a Blogger conspiracy after all the backlash to them a few weeks ago?  Does anyone else sense a sabotage?  Cover up??s

Pork shoulder and ham, hmph…smells like a bunch of turkeys to me >:(.

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