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Wow, you guys are ON TOP of things!  Thanks to all of you who have already written your poems for this month’s poetry challenge–y’all amaze, impress and inspire me!  "Thank" and "you" are two little words which carry a lot of weight in my book, and I sincerely appreciate your participation with PPL!

Click here for further information about this month’s poetic form, and when your poem is posted, be sure to sign in with Mr. Linky below (to your post, not your blog’s main page–it makes it MUCH easier for other participants to find your poem 🙂 ).

Be sure to visit PPL posts if you write one yourself, k?

YIKES!   Somehow I deleted Mr. Linky…not sure how THAT happened…if you wanna add a link (or you  were previously linked) sorry for the inconvenience :/.

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