Anyone who’s driven along a Southeastern interstate will get the title referencHash_browns_3e immediately–it’s a nod to a Waffle House delicacy, the greasiest-but-most- delicious hash browns EVAH!  I’m not sure but the "scattered" might refer to the potatoes themselves, the "smothered" refers to the addition of onions and probably the half-stick of butter per order (culinary tip:  if you ever have opportunity to order these, make sure to ask for them "extra crispy"… otherwise, it’s a not-so-pretty-soggy-disgusting waste of calories…imho;) ).

"Scattered and smothered" also seems to express exactly how I’m feeling these days (and why I’ve been absent from the b-sphere); I imagine a lot net peeps can relate. 

We’re on the road, visiting some of the sweetest nieces and nephews known to man, and I’m sneaking computer time long enough to check in.

Hi y’all!

Yep…….as usual, these days leading up to Christmas are finding me in typical form:  Not suffering from my insanity, enjoying every minute of it 🙂


Can anyone relate?

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