…it’s GOT to be the season of RECEIVING for somebody, right?

Which makes me curious.  What is the WORST gift you’ve ever received?  What distinguished it as such?  I’m not talking about gag gifts or "gifts" you ended up with at a White Elephant or Chinese Gift exchange…something you received that the giver gave you in all seriousness.  The present, upon opening it, you had to scramble to find the words to voice your appreciation, when inside your brain was screaming WHAT-THE-HECK-AM-I- GONNA-DO-WITH-THIS???! 

Tell me your stories–either leave a comment here or blog it (I think it’d be a fun post) and let me know by linking to Mr. Linky below (all you have to do is type your name in the first window and post URL in the second).  Photographs would be a bonus (but I bet you don’t still have it unless it’s recent 😉 ).

I’ll think on mine and get back with ya…I can’t wait to hear your stories!

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