…quite literally. 

These little fellas have us WRAPPED around their little paws rabbits feet :).


My baby’s years-long wish came true this Christmas, and I’m pretty sure if you ask him, he’ll say it was worth the wait–not just one, but TWO baby bunnies, thanks to the INSANITY generosity of grandparents.  Two special bunnies, mind you…rabbits with a mane (until Sunday I didn’t even know such a thing existed).

And, oh-my-lawsey-mercy–WE DON’T YET KNOW THEIR GENDERS!  Well, one of ’em, anyway.  The other is a boy.

That stuff about "rabbits gone wild" is just urban legend, right?

OOoooo!  They don’t have names yet!!   Got any ideas?  I told Stephen I’d post it, so if you’ve got a critter-naming creative gene and you’re worn out from all the wrappings trappings of Christmas…and you could use a little diversion, give him a shout.

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