Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me, but sometimes I talk myself out of what I’m SURE I saw because it’s just too bizarre to be true.

Like when I thought I saw a fox in my backyard but eventually decided it was just a coyote instead.

I was right the first time.

This morning, while Tad and I were enjoying conversation and coffee at the breakfast table, when it was still early enough for the children to be fighting dream-formed dragons in their own versions of Narnia, he stopped mid sentence and said, "Look at that."

I looked in the direction of his pointed finger and saw nothing.  He quietly insisted, "Look!", so I moved to his side to observe his vantage point and there she was, trotting along our back yard with something curiously deer-leggy boney hanging from her mouth.

In one movement, I leapt for my camera, pulled it out of the case, removed the lens cover and started shooting.  The upside?  I did get six pictures before she was out of view; the downside?  Obvious, from the images below, there was no time to adjust the lens or think about framing or remember to turn off the flash or anything!  But at least I have a modicum of photographic evidence this time.

Oh, and another witness to corroborate my story :).




Uh oh…it just occurred to me this creature LIVES in my backyard! 

Oh deer dear! :/

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