I’ve been surprised by how enjoyable it was to fire off my list of "100 Things"; I divided it into two posts because I figured if you’re like me, shorter posts during the holidays are better for everyone ;).

If you’re interested in the first 50 "things", please click here.

  1. "Large things" in creation inspire me–the ocean, waterfalls, mountains, thunderstorms–and perhaps more than anything else I can put my hands on, speak to the imagination, creativity, power, grace, beauty and generosity of God.
  2. "Little things" in creation inspire me, too–ants working in a colony, snowflakes, fireflies; they remind me that God’s interested in the details and little things matter.
  3. I think dreadlocks are more appealing on black men than white men; braids are equally attractive for any woman who can pull off the look (I don’t think I pulled it off very well, but it was fun).
  4. If I’m the last one out of the bed, I can’t imagine not making it every morning.
  5. I have scoliosis, but never had to wear a brace.
  6. Tiramisu and crème brûlée are my favorite desserts, sharing equal billing.
  7. In part, because I like their texture…I don’t really chew or bite either, I squish ’em around with my tongue.
  8. Using my blow torch to caramelize sugar is a cheap thrill.
  9. I love caramel macchiatos breves (made with half and half) and I’m afraid they’re the #1 reason I’ve gained weight this year :/.
  10. Plus, my favorite salty snack is cashews, and they’re fattening.  I so wanna believe they’re healthy nuts.
  11. It’s worth it to me to pay a premium for whole cashews, halves and pieces don’t taste as good ;).
  12. Moderating #s 10 & 11 does not factor into any New Year’s Resolutions I’ve considered.
  13. Ever since my watch battery died I’ve been using my cell phone to tell time.
  14. I have sentimental attachment to clothes.
  15. In the past I have collected carousel horses, angels and elephants.
  16. I don’t collect anything now.
  17. My first car was an electric blue Grand Prix, a family hand-me-down.
  18. I wish I could purr like a cat.
  19. I cannot roll my R’s. 
  20. I’ll eat just about anything if it’s deep fried.
  21. I have no musical ability outside of appreciating it in others.
  22. The only time I recall enjoying singing (and anyone enjoying me singing) was when my children were babies…and lullabies were part of our bedtime ritual.
  23. I sang a three-song repetroire, "Let Me Call You Sweetheart", "It’s a Happy Day" and "You are My Sunshine". 
  24. Realizing fully well they were stalling to stay up a few minutes later, I still loved my babies begging me to sing.
  25. Now, they beg me NOT to sing.
  26. Or "car dance"…that is SO not cool for their mother to do (hehe).
  27. I don’t just love drinking coffee for the taste or caffeine…it’s for the warmth in my hands, its divine aroma, and an excuse to use fun mugs.
  28. While I wouldn’t turn down marshmallows in hot chocolate, my preference is whipped cream.  MOUNDS of it!
  29. You can smile with your lips, or you can smile with your lips AND your eyes.  The latter is MUCH more beautiful and engaging and I think it’s easy to tell the difference.
  30. I d.e.t.e.s.t. a victim mentality and blaming others for your circumstances.
  31. It’s unattractive in children, it’s deplorable in adults.
  32. The more I read Scripture, the more I want to read Scripture; the less I read Scripture, the less I want to read Scripture.  What’s up with that?
  33. Sometimes the most sincere prayer I can offer is the same prayer as the father who had a demon-possessed son (full account in Mark 9:14-32).
  34. I’m pretty much cold all the time.
  35. I love to fill our children’s Christmas stockings, but not until this year, did my children notice and comment that Tad and I don’t have one.
  36. I’m on the prowl for two new Christmas stockings :).
  37. I used to be a binge bargain shopper, but that abruptly stopped when I moved to Tennessee 4 1/2 years ago. 
  38. For the most part, I HATE shopping…too many choices for EVERYTHING!
  39. EVERY time my children ask what’s for dinner, the FIRST thought that enters my mind–which I don’t allow myself to respond–is "Chicken sh!t on a shingle".
  40. About the above:  a)  My sweeter-than-sugar mother-in-law, the woman who is basically Jesus with skin on, told me I could say that on my blog, because b) it’s what my my mother used to say to us (to be blogged with affection soon).
  41. I’m thankful to have siblings of both genders.
  42. All the knives in our kitchen desperately need to be sharpened or replaced!
  43. I won a marathon dance contest when I was in high school.
  44. I’m very competitive when playing games, but it probably doesn’t come across that way.
  45. I think (hope?) I’m a good sport when I lose…and when I win.
  46. I don’t have a favorite flower but several favorites–gerbera daisies, gardenias, tulips, lilies of the valley and zinnias. 
  47. I don’t care for carnations at all.
  48. I stopped wearing perfume because I wear scented lotions.
  49. Sometimes, I think it’d be nice to give up scented lotion in order to wear perfume again…for my husband.
  50. Pretty soon, if you’re a consistent reader, you’ll notice a shift in my blog….

Thanks again to Carmi for prompting me to write this, like this.

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