Announcement #1:

Next week is the week to post your monthly poems for Pensieve’s Poetic License.  Instructions wPensieve_button_black_poetic_lice_2ill be given on Monday (you can get a head start by peeking at the FAQs page) and you have until Thursday to post your poems.  That’s when you will have opportunity to add your
permalinks to Mr. Linky.

Please consider joining this month’s carnival–it’s an unexpectedly fun exercise in creativity!  With only two months under our belt, I’ve been surprised and delighted 1) by the level of participation, and 2) the quality of poetry (thank y’all!).  I think the sheer fun has surprised more than a few of us :).

This month’s form is new to me, but I think it’s time for a bit of a challenge, yes?

Announcement #2:

I had SOOooo much fun with my Mystery Box post–both with the number of correct guesses and the insanity of the incorrect guesses–I decided to do it again…and again…and then again, again.  Hence, the impetus behind…

Pensieve’s Picture Puzzler

Abbreviated p3 because I’ll tire quickly of writing it out, Pensieve’s Picture Puzzler will occur monthly, and the best part?

Prizes will be awarded!  Admittedly, not Ree-size prizes but you gotta start somewhere, right?

The first official p3 kicks off next week; when I have all the details actually written finalized, I’ll post it in my left sidebar.  I hope you’ll check back and then play along :).

You might recall I had a little contest a while back, which was really a thinly veiled cry for help from those who have mad photoshopping skill (of
which I have none).  Several readers felt sorry for me offered their time and talent at a VERY busy time of
year, and although I sent them a little surcie, it was only right and
decent to publicly thank them here. Just look at what they came up with!  A million "thanks" don’t begin to express my gratitude to them, but it’s a start…

Nekkid Lizards ~ These guys responded in record time, confirming to me that asking readers for help was a BRILLIANT idea.  I met them through Swampy (Anecdotes, Antidotes & Anodes) (they’re her cousins) and if you check out their blog, you’ll see Kim has a graphic design business.  I’ve seen her work other places and I sure do like her style.


Karmyn ~ My friend and writer who blogs at Dreaming What Ifs is NOT a professional designer, but she crafted something similar to what I was imagining when I asked for help.  It’s obvious if she put her mind to it, she COULD make money at this stuff.  I’m afraid being a mom to Jammin and Buttercup…and soon a Baby Dreamer will keep that career at bay a while longer.                  


Next, another professional designer and blogfriend of mine, Revka, came up with not one, but TWO entries, bless her heart:


Ai yi yi–I LOVE ‘EM!  It’s like Revka climbed into my brain, wandered around a bit, and with ease, spit out what she saw in my mind’s eye.   Of course the fact she’s helped fine-tune my template in the past gave her insight into how my "design eye" sees.

And last, but not least, Steve.  Oh, my ever-lovin’ word, in classic over-achiever style, he sent more than a few my way.  This should come as no surprise, really…he, with the aid of a trusty sidekick, sent my comments into oblivion for a few posts a while back.  Min must’ve been sick, or I’m sure with HER photoshop prowess, she woulda sent half a dozen my way, too.



P3_collage_colorfulBecause it was a contest, I’m required to choose a winner, and I’ve gotta give it to Steve– 1) Pure p3 proliferation, 2) He had the foresight to add my URL which tipped the scale (and I didn’t have the heart to ask anyone else to spend more time on it :/), 3)  He, like Revka, painted pictures my mind only imagined because I’m pixelly-digitally impaired. 

3)  Announcement #3 – comes with PRIZES, too!

But, because:

a)  This post is entirely too long already
b)  I’ve been at the orthodontist office all morning :/
c)  I’ve been waiting on "a few things" to finish this post
d)  All of the above

I’m gonna write it as a separate post.  I promise…it is NOT to jerk you around or drive traffic…I just know a few of you are (she says REEAAAL humbly) wondering what my "news" is, and I wanted to assure you I AM NOT PREGNANT!  Gosh, I hope this isn’t the hugest letdown EVAH!   

Stay tuned, I’m workin’ on the post while you read…. 🙂

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