I cannot tell a lie…

To my knowledge, Paula Deen does NOT read my blog but it’s possible, right?

When I posted "Paula Deen reads my blog…?!" the other day, it never occurred to me it might be read as anything other than tongue in cheek!  At first, I thought commentors were just going along with my silliness, but when a few people IRL mentioned it to me, hehe, I knew I had to come clean. 

Which makes it even funnier to me :).

For the record, it IS TRUE I received an email from her with the recipe I attached; and it IS true it was perfect timing given that was the day of Snackalicious/Recipe Round Up…but other than that, it was purely coincidental timing.

Personal note to Paula Deen: If you ARE lurking out there, would you PLEASE let me know?  I love you trulymadlydeeply…at least your Southern sass and your way around the kitchen, anyway. 😉

Photo credit:  Super Chef blog

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