Well, this month’s form for Pensieve’s Poetic License DID prove to be a bit of a challenge, but I tell ya, was a BIG help…sometimes just seeing a list of words inspires me.

Terza Rima isn’t really that difficult, but it doesn’t flow as seamlessly as other poetic forms.  With its rhyming pattern, you could go on forever if you aren’t careful!  Plus, the themes–favorite snack foods and beginnings?  You could go a thousand directions with them.

Just for the sheer challenge of it and to show you how easy it is (and because apparently I’m a poet geek), I wrote two poems; one inspired by my recent prison series, the other by Snackalicious Super Dishes.  You can tell which one I had more "fun" with…but truly, both of them were enjoyable to write. 

If you haven’t written yours yet, there’s still time!  If you complete one, just come back to this post and register your permalink to Mr. Linky…I’ll pop over pronto for a look.

New Life Begins

Life is a series of choices to make
Consequences linger no matter what
Poor decisions result in painful wake

Reality strikes as each door slams shut
Rebellion?  Regret?  Defiance?  Remorse?
Hopelessness can become the deepest cut

Decisions continue, alter life’s course
Choose wisely because it’s never too late
Hope found in God, supernatural source

Dwell on the circumstance, easy to hate
Fierce battle, at stake, soul, mind and heart
Surrender, redemption, eternal fate.

New life begins, a clean slate, a fresh start
Kingdom’s grace, taste divine, love’s seal impart.

Inspired by Snackalicous Super Dishes

"Hors d’oeuvre" is such a ridiculous word.
Who can spell it without Webster’s aid?

The French are so pretentiously absurd!

Frou-frou junk food is all they are, I’m afraid
A thousand calories just for a look!
Especially with sugar and butter they’re made.

The upside?  They’re fun and easy to cook
Cute bite-sized, finger foods, good for snackin’
(Have you clicked this to win a free cookbook?)

Think your culinary skills are lacking?
All you need are recipes tried and true
Then cook up your own dishes lip-smacking!

The 25th you’ll find more than a few
Yummy recipes, can’t wait to see YOU!

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