If you haven’t stumbled onto a Bombay Company jewelry armoire coup like I did a few weeks ago, then chances are your necklaces are a tangled mess inside your jewelry box.  It wouldn’t surprise me at-tall if, while we were sleeping, those little chains of silver and gold had an old-fashioned, do-si-do-ing square dance inside our respective jewelry boxes–that’s just how tangled they look.

Well, I heard a little tip AFTER I bought my fancy-schmancy
j e w e l r y a r m o i r e, that might’ve saved me some cold hard cash if I had only heard it BEFORE I bought the non- returnable-because-the-company’s-going-out-of-business box.  Since it’s too late to help ME, I figured it was a perfect "Works for Me Wednesday" idea I could pass along to others.

It’s not pretty, but it sounds like a fabulous…and simple…and CHEAP idea:  thread your necklaces through a drinking straw.

Yep, I could write a bunch more, but I think you get the picture…you’re smart that way.  😉

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