I can’t believe it, but I won a Caption Contest.  Me….W O N !

No, it’s not the wildly popular contest hosted at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman…it’s a lesser known but just as entertaining "Caption This" challenge, dished up weekly by Carmi Levy at Written Inc.  Carmi’s contest just passed its one-year mark, and the only reason (imho) participation lags behind Ree’s is he offers no prizes beyond the satisfaction of having won.

I’m satisfied…the kind of satisfied that comes after a wonderful candlelit meal that began with a bottle of Rodney Strong pinot noir and ended with tiramisu or crème brûlée, either dessert the perfect punctuation to a scrumptious dinner. 

Carmi is just as indecisive as me generous with honorable mentions and I’m thankful to have previously received several of those; this week I won, sharing the honors with one of my sometimes commentors.  Since Carmi gave me an honorable mention, too, I figure that gave me a teensy little shove in front of the guy who’s a Carmi-darling every week anyway (Steve makes a nice "bride", btw;) ). 

Here’s this week’s photo and I know Carmi would LOVE your thoughts.  He always provides a bit of background of the shot, they always tell a story.

OOooo, and the best part?  You can submit multiple captions!!  You don’t have to narrow it down to one–that’s HIS job!  (And a fine job he does with that…;)

Trust me on this one, Written Inc is a delightfully substantive blog written with transparency and introspect, and you’ll return on the merit of his thoughtful prose alone.

But his photography?  Excellent.  His ability to engage the reader and evoke emotion…a response?  Exemplary.

Gosh, in all the winning excitement, my fanny spanking is a distant memory (then again, 180-something people did vote for my limerick–thank you if you were one of them!–and it did make it to the "show" to begin with…and third place still wins a bronze and stands on the podium, so I’m good.  A l l  g o o d 🙂 ).

"Caption This" photos are posted on Sunday evenings; caption suggestions may be suggested anytime throughout the week.  For further details, be sure to visit Written Inc and tell Carmi I sentcha, k? 🙂

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