Since Bombay Company is going out of business, I popped in our local store a few weeks ago to see if there were any bargains to be had.  I was there a little early for the big ol’ honkin’ bargains, the kind that give me, simultaneously, shakes & shivers AND the warm fuzzies…the kind that compel me to buy something as ridiculous as this JUST BECAUSE IT WAS 75% (or more) OFF, never mind I have no need or use for it….  I actually missed that part of the sale, daggum it, but no worries.  I DID find something useful, and although it was only 40% off, I didn’t want to risk waiting and it not be there when I went back. 

It’s a jewelry armoire and until I saw it, I didn’t know they existed.  The cool thing about timing was the previous weekend I was TRYING to figure out a way to keep my necklaces from getting tangled; I can’t wear several of my favorites because they look like this:


I had actually thought about hanging little hooks in my bathroom cabinet and suspending necklaces from those.  If you look closely at this armoire, it’s really little more than glorified hooks anyway.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
While we’re talking all things jewelry (is that what we were doing?), look at what else I discovered while photographing the above:

With gold running about $900/ounce these days, I really should sell that hunk of junk-to-me.  You’re looking at over 30 years worth of broken bracelets and necklaces and earrings that have lost their mate.
These are some pieces I plan to have repaired "one day"–they all hold sentimental attachment:  My mom’s 18-karat gold watch, that until I decided it needed to be laundered, still worked :/ (it’s over 40 years old), Rachel’s gold baby bracelet, and two chains that were special gifts to me (one, for a sapphire cross Tad gave me when Rachel was born, the other a pearl and diamond my mother’s sister gave me for my 40th birthday).

And last but hardly least, my childhood sterling charm bracelets (I can’t remember why I have two, but my mother gave me the one on the right, so it’s my favorite).

Sterling_charm_bracelets I can remember loving each of the charms when I was little…they were enchanted, almost magical to me.  I loved anything with my birthstone on it (still do), there’s a Georgia state charm (where I was born), a little globe that spins (to this day I can never pass a globe without spinning it…), a mustard seed charm that actually has this Bible verse inscribed on the back, a ballerina (I danced for ten years), an artist’s palette (still aspiring after all these years), and my absolute favorite of all time–the kitty cat with turquoise eyes.  God bless that little kitty, I loved her so much one of her eyes fell out. 

If you tune in tomorrow for my "Works for Me Wednesday" helpful hint, I’ve come across a FANTASTIC (but not pretty) idea for keeping your necklaces untangled–especially since Bombay is near ’bout out of business and you can’t buy a high-faluting jewelry armoire of your own ;).

OOooo, and please tell me this tangled jewelry phenom isn’t Robin specific…nor the keeping-broken-pieces-for-no-particular-reason thing… And do YOU still have any of your childhood jewelry?  I’d love to know about–or better yet, SEE–them! 

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